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I started out in fashion shows at a local BDSM store where I grew up. I then became a performance artist and  started to do live BDSM themed performances for the same company  with a  dance troupe. We were quite the little torture artists.


During this time I learned the proper use of various equipment and became interested in the philosophies involving BDSM.

I am a firm believer in Safe Sane and Consensual mantra. I am always looking to learn more and expand my skills though I assure you that they are very well developed. Providing you with a way to enjoys your kinks in a safe and discreet manner matters a lot to me and I hope it does to you too.

It was only natural for me to pick up the whip and do in private what I used to do in front of a crowd.


The evolution into the professional realm of domination was organic in a sense. 

Heavier forms of play as well as select fetishes that I enjoy round out my repetoire.

Naturally, I prefer to play with those who share the same interests. 

Alise deSade
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