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I offer an escape from life's daily stresses and get to the core of your submissive desires without pretense. Imagine being free to  explore these desires without fear of judgment or worrying whether or not the person you choose has your best interests at heart .

It's not that you don't want to submit. You just want to submit to a Dominant who is authentic, who will value your input but will respect your limits while at the same time pushing them. Someone you don't need to guide but who can lead.  It seemed almost impossible until now.


Picture being able to do this with someone who truly understands where you're coming from. Wouldn't that be amazing?


Now is the time to let go of all the fear, let go of  all the stress and let me guide you.  Let me show you that part of yourself that's been yearning to break free.


Submit to me and I will show you bliss.

Alise deSade
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